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Re: Please read this

Actually, I don't make a mockery of this, and I don't intend on it either, 
because I am happy, so very happy, that I will be joining into the Army when 
I get out of High School! BEcause I love it all! And, I don't care how much 
hard work, or how many bad things that people say about it, I'm still gonna 
join, because that right there people, is called courage, and I think that I 
now have enough atleast to join into the army, and I am VERY grateful for 
that! I'd like to thank all of the people that made me feel like shit for 
all of my years until now, because w/out them, I wouldn't be like a rock 
when someone tries to hurt me! And, thanx to them, I'm more stronger, and my 
ego stands high! And I'm very proud to be Canadian, and very proud that I 
will soon be serving my country! And I would also like to say that, those 
people that hurt me in the past, and even that are trying to hurt me now, 
just remember, that I am serving this ocuntry to not only protect others, 
but you too! So, just think of that next time when you want to make fun of 
me, because I have no time for tolerance now anymore, because it all sunk 
in, and the damage it caused, then it caused! And, you can't repair that 
now, but from now on, you CAN be nicer! Well, I have to go now! Farwell! And 
Good Speed!
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