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Cambrian Patrol

Hi to the list:
I am looking to list members for assistance. The British Columbia Regiment is entered in the Cambrian Patrol competition in Oct of this year.
I am the medic for the team and although I have experience with providing EMS to the public I am not a medic by trade.
My most pressing question is "what should I pack in the way of a patrol medical kit"?
The essence of the Cambrian Patrol is a 3 day 70 Km recce foot patrol in the mountains of Wales, The patrol is comprised of 8 members in total and weight reduction is essential.
I need to bring supplies to deal not only with our patrol but also to provide aid to a possible friendly casualty encountered along the way.
Any assistance will be appreciated.
I would also like to contact Cpl. Wenninger ??? Last I know he was a member of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and the team medic on the 1997 Cambrian Patrol.
Thanks again
Cpl Johnston
e-mail [email protected]