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Je Me Souviens

It was written recently:
>[email protected] wrote:
> From: Ian Edwards <[email protected]>
> ... same rate as other Canadians.  The ties to France discussed here
> were largely built up in the  last 50 years, mostly by separatists and
> nationalists.   In the years leading up to the two wars there was not a lot of
> strong feeling for France - indeed, if you go back, there was a recognition of
> the total abandonment of the colony by France after the "Conquest" (curiously,
> this is where the phrase "Je me souviens" comes from).  
This is not a certitude and can't be proven. English-Canadians and
French-Canadians put their own twist to the phrase. There is a lot of
speculation around where the "Je me souviens" comes from. No matter
what, no one can confirm what Tache meant when he created the phrase.
There are absolutely no historical documents available to confirm any
theory. Linking the phrase to the total abandonment of the colony by
France is a huge stretch that nobody will ever be able to confirm.
And at the end of the day, it is certainly not up the English-Canadians
to tell us what to think of  France's behaviour to give up
Nouvelle-France. It's up to French-Canadians to make their own homeworks
and decide by themselves what they want to think of it. 
-- RC
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