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  1. J

    do I meet the requirements?

    Just a simple question, for MED Tech, I am missing the grade 12 physics or chem. I was just wondering if a university level intro course will act as a replacement? or is CAF keen on high school level requirements?
  2. J

    CANSOFCOM Career goals. infantry or medical technician is right for me?

    So my career goal is to be apart of CSOR or JTF2, yes i know i should focus on my trade first and get through all my training and whatnot... the million dollar question is. do i join as an infantry or medical technician. I want to work as an medic on the field but at the same time be a operator...
  3. J

    I Need Some Panning Assistance with COSR

    Currently I am a 3rd year Psyc Student. I have goals of taking on a MD in the future. I am a hard worker with very passionate views about my future. I am also 20 years of age as of 2015. I want to serve a few years in the military if not make it a career with my MD later in the future. I...