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  1. Resigning commission to change nationality?

    What I am wondering is: If an officer retired from active duty, and decided, for whatever reason, they wanted to become a citizen of another country. Would they have to resign their commission? This is research for a story I am writing... If this is in the wrong spot please move it.
  2. Time in Rank needed for promotions

    If this is in the wrong spot, and/or been discussed before, I ask forgiveness. My searches have been fruitless. I am doing some research for a novel I am writing, and I would like to have a reasonable timeline for the characters. How long would it take someone who graduated RMC for Civil...
  3. Survival FTX for Army Cadets

    Good day to you all, I am a volunteer instructor with my local army cadet corps. I am planning a senior cadet weekend for the beginning of this upcoming cadet year. I spoke to the cadets asking them what they wanted to do, and it was unanimous that they wanted to do a survival weekend. From...
  4. Drill Question for my Corps

    So, my corps (army) is getting ready for our annual inspection, and I can't seem to find the info anywhere in the drill manual. When does the RSM join the parade? Does the RSM fall the corps in? Or does the RSM come on with the officers, and take over?
  5. CIC application time.

    Hello All, I have applied to become a CIC officer with my local army cadet corps (2923 Exeter), and am currently a CV with the corps. We had a FTX this past weekend, and were discussing the process, and the CO was saying that with everything going on in the Reg Forces right now, that the...
  6. How to address a WO

    I didn't know where to put this, so I'm sticking it here.... I cannot for the life of me remember from when I was a cadet... is the proper form of address for a Warrant Officer "Sir/Ma'am" or is it "Warrant?" Thank you. Jonathon