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xx Female Admirals and Generals in the Canadian Forces

Today at 23:05:54 by John Blatherwick
I asked for assistance with a particular Female General Officer and I received assistance and then failed to follow up with the information for others to see.

As best as I could find, here is the list of Female Flag Officers and General Officers as there have been in the Canadian Forces.

 Royal Canadian Navy

Rear-Admiral Jennifer Jane BENNETT, CMM, CD   Chief of Reserves

Rear-Admiral Elizabeth M. STEELE, OMM, CD   Seconded Treasury Board

Commodore Lorraine Frances ORTHLIEB, CMM, CD   Senior Naval Reserve
      Advisor 1989-1992

Commodore Margaret Frances KAVENAGH, OMM, CD   Chief Medical Services

Commodore Lynn M.-P.C. BISSON, CD   A/Chief Mil Personnel

Commodore Andrea Louise SIEW, CD   DG Military Signals
      \ Intelligence

Canadian Army

Brigadier-General Hiliary Frances JAEGER, OMM, MSM, CD, QHP   Surgeon General

Brigadier-General Patricia Maude SAMSON, OMM, CD   Provost Marshal

Royal Canadian Air Force

Major-General Christine (‘Chris’) WHITECROSS, OMM, CD   Chief Engineer

Major-General Wendy CLAY, CMM, CD, QHP   Surgeon General

Major-General Marie Juliette Lise MATHIEU, CMM, CD   Chief Medical Services

Brigadier-General Linda Juanita COLWELL, OMM, CD   Personnel Management

Brigadier-General Tammy L. HARRIS, CD   Privy Council

Brigadier-General Sheila A. HELLSTROM, CD   DG Postings & Careers   

Brigadier-General Frances J. ALLEN, CD   DG Defence Security

Brigadier-General Patricia (‘Pat’) L. BRENNAN, CD   COS Reserves 1 CAD

To be promoted but wasn’t

Colonel Nora NAAMAN, CD   Mil Personnel (She was due to be promoted to Brigadier-General but didn't want to live in Ottawa and took a civilian job before being promoted.

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xx LCol Dan Bobbitt (info needed)

August 25, 2014, 01:08:03 by Warren Layberry
I am looking for information on LCol Dan Bobbitt who passed away on May 14, 2014. He plays a small part in a research project I am working on, and I am trying to flesh out some background information on the man. All I am looking for is a more precise date for his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. In many news reports after his death, it was reported that his promotion to LCol came in 2009. I just wonder if there is a way to narrow it down a bit more than that—even if just to a particular month in 2009. I have banged away at Google for over an hour now, but I can't seem to shake a date loose.

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Armyca-Ico Trade switch Post BMQ

August 14, 2014, 14:38:46 by evmaclennan
good afternoon everyone

this morning I accepted a job with the forces for wep tech- land. My question to anyone who can assist - is the only way to switch trades by not completing your trade specific training or by fulfilling your initial contract? My first 2 trade preferences were infantry and combat engineer, I waited approx 600 days since application to job offer due to living out of the country for 6+ months so the process was quite long. I am happy to to a weapon tech if that's my only option, the gentleman who offered me the role requested that I accept or decline the role and would not comment on if the other 2 trades were available in the near future. I dont mean to come off as sounding ungrateful because im not, I Just simply had more interest in the other trades.

thanks in advance guys & girls.

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xx Camaraderie

June 28, 2014, 13:21:59 by dennmu
Now I'm prepared to get some backlash on this topic, in fact i look forward to it.

Now before i start, please be advised I'm still a pup when it comes to the military. I wish I had of joined when I was eighteen rather then thirty-two, maybe  then i would have seen the level of camaraderie that i have heard so much about. Now I'm not saying there is no camaraderie in the forces, but i have noticed a major decline. It would seem to me, that the newer and younger generations have little to no understanding of what it means to truly work as a team, to befriend one another and support each other.

I have talked to many of the older generations, I hear the stories of how close everyone was, how supportive everyone was. I look around and i see little, to none of this now. I live in the PMQ's, and I can't get so much as a hello, let alone someone helping out with shoveling snow. I have heard stories of how great the mess was and how you worked hard and played hard with each other. I go to the mess, and it's dead. Worse off when we have a meeting, it's the only time the troops have been there, and most of the time not by choice. I end up hearing people complaining about the mess that they never attend,  and how they have to pay into it, it should be a choice.

I'm a little older, i like traditions and embrace them. I believe, in order to know where one is going, they need to understand where they have been. So i ask the older generations, what does it take to build the camaraderie of old, and what can i do to help. Help me and the next generation, build what seems to be lost, and carry on what is and should be, a familiarity of friendship and support for each other, a bond and devotion like no other.


xx Stay Down Inside your Crew Hatch !

June 21, 2014, 21:28:48 by Master Gunner
Guys. Recently in Wainwright it was very sad to hear of the loss of another Soldier who had passed due to a LAV III Rollover.
I was there that day and saw the vehicle overturned. I know firsthand after being in armoured vehicles as a crewman most of my life how things can quickly change as we train hard with or vehicles cross-country over very difficult terrain. Everywhere Troops in every type of armoured vehicle are riding way too high out of the cupola and I continued to see it until returning from the Training area.
Get your *** down inside the Hatch !!!!

icon17 Edmonton Recce

June 14, 2014, 16:34:21 by Scuba_Dave
So I have decided to take the long vigorous task of going from Navy to the Army (3 PPCLI hopefully). Currently on paternity leave until 27 Oct 14. My wife, daughter and I will be heading out to Edmonton to scope the place out later this summer, but our time is limited and I was just wondering if you folks could narrow our search in somewhere that would be great to live. We are looking for somewhere that is obviously not a cesspool, but we don't need anything to fancy. Probably looking at buying a house. Friends just got posted to Edmonton and are going on their HHT in about a week. From what we have heard Sherwood Park is a fairly decent place. But how bad is traffic in the mornings and afternoons? Anything you could help us with would be amazing!!

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Battle of Tannenberg


Battle of Dumlupinar, final battle in Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) ("Turkish War of Independence")


Siege of Leningrad begins.


MONTECCHIO, effective dates for battle honour begin (to 31 Aug 44)


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