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clip Introducing BattlePro for Android

April 17, 2015, 14:39:47 by Mike Bobbitt

I am pleased to announce that starting today, the BattlePro app is available for Android users. You can install via Google Play, or directly with this link:

This is the very first version, so it is rough around the edges and there are likely some bug hiding within, but the core functionality is there. Please feel free to post any feedback or bug reports here. The Android version of BattlePro is very similar to the iOS version, with a few minor changes here and there. For example the Grid Finder is not available in Android, though we are looking at including it in a future release.

The app is free, but has some $0.99 in app purchases to help support the site and future development efforts. I've tried hard to make the core content accessible at no cost and restrict the in-apps to a few "extras".

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xx Canadian Army Rangers

May 08, 2015, 13:55:33 by Drmurder
Hi, I was wondering would it be possible for me to work full time as an ranger. Would it be possible.
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xx Life of an EME officer

May 05, 2015, 00:38:18 by AndrewEME
Hi my name is Andrew, and I am an EME DEO (OCdt). I am departing to Quebec in a few weeks to receive basic training in June. I was wondering if any current/retired EME officers could describe to me how an average day of an EME OFFICER is like. One burning question: what happens after dp1 in New Brunswick? Do we get to choose where we get to work, or do we fly/ship out to wherever we are needed?
3 comments | Write Comment

xx How many soldiers in the army are combat arms?

April 27, 2015, 01:25:03 by Blake Castelein
The most recent statistic I can find online for the size of the army is 21,600 (active), but when I counted up the size of all the infantry, armoured, artillery, engineer, and service support battalions/regiments using usual size definitions (ie: 600 in a battalion) the number I came up with was around 11,000. So does that mean that around half the army is combat focused and the rest are cooks, intelligence, mechanics, etc?

Apologies in advance if I've answered my own question, or is this has been answered before.
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xx Class B Driver Tasking

April 23, 2015, 20:14:46 by Dirks_325
I was wondering what the army pays for driver taskings. My contract is for 110 days in gagetown, also will I get weekends off?
9 comments | Write Comment

xx Former Army Commander, LGen Leach, passes away in Ottawa

April 02, 2015, 12:04:12 by dapaterson
It is with great sadness that the Canadian Museum of History announces the passing of LGen (ret'd) Bill Leach, Chairman of our Board of Trustees, earlier today in Ottawa.
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Leadership is the practical application of character.

- R.E. Meinertzhagen

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May 22


General Grant begins his siege on Vicksburg.


ROME, effective dates for battle honour begin (to 4 June 44)


Falklands Campaign - Landing at Ajax Bay - Commando Logistic Regiment RM

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