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Posted by Mark Bossi (M.A. Bossi, Esquire) from Toronto Ontario Canada on June 03, 2021 at 11:20:22:

In Reply to: Phys. Pre-Training for Infantry posted by Olivier Desch�nes on June 01, 2021 at 23:36:42:

Before you do ANYTHING, go see your family doctor (even if you think you are in perfect health), and explain to him or her what you want to do.
If you have any previous injuries (e.g. from sports, broken bones), make certain they are healed.
Very often, it is possible to aggravate pre-existing medical conditions when you begin an intensive physical fitness programme.

Always remember this advice, and repeat it to any of your friends or troops - their welfare will become your concern, especially if your life depends on them.

If you want to be an infantry officer and lead infantrymen your goal should be to ensure you are "fit to fight", or "fit to lead" (it's difficult to lead when the soldiers have to slow down and allow you to catch up with them - similarly, you must be able to carry your own load of equipment - nobody is going to carry your gear for you ... especially if you're wearing a parachute).

Personally, I strongly, strongly recommend you include team sports in your fitness training - you must be an excellent team player, both in sports and the Army (hockey, lacrosse, rugby ... but avoid spectator sports)

Finally, you should not kid yourself - it is not enough to simply do the minimum (i.e. only 20 situps - I'm an old fart, and my goal is always 48 situps ... perhaps because my cap badge says 48th ... ?)

Dileas Gu brath!

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