WO Stopford

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Posted by still proud from Canada on June 01, 2021 at 21:23:06:

I find this whole poisoning 'affair' very hard to believe. Am I to understand that (at least) 6 trained infanteers were fearing for their lives and the best defence they could muster was naptha or boot black in a coffee??? I don't know about you, but if someone brought me a coffee and it tasted/smelt wrong, I would spit the shit out. If it happened whenever someone brought me a coffee, I think I'd get my own and then find out what was up. I also find it equally hard to believe that he had someone bring his coffee to him all the time. Ask yourself if you wouldn't notice if someone spiked yours with any of the items alledged.

As an aside, is it not ironic how on one hand we have the CF telling Stopford that it has proof he was poisoned but will take no action, and on the other hand we have the CF telling Kipling that even though a mil judge ruled that he was right to refuse what may well have been poisonous, they will prosecute him for refusing it.

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