Defense Budget

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Posted by the patriot from Canada on May 18, 2021 at 13:32:33:

Would I be shot for suggesting that the budget for defense be increased to 5% of the GDP? Wouldn't it be nice if Cornwallis and Chilliwack were open again? Why don't we buy back Royal Rhodes in Victoria? I'm completely serious!!! Does anyone get the feeling that civies and government goons alike are happy with us being psychologically pummelled with each budget cut and back to back endless taskings?! I get the funny feeling that people on welfare in this country have a comfier life than those starting out in the CF.
Or how about those knobs in jail? Free food, free weight room membership, gay sex (oops), heck they can even get a university degree like Karla Homolka (Paul Bernardo's wife, you know the nutzo who videotaped him and his wife rape and kill two teenaged females) who is apparently planning to go into counselling young unstable women. Needless to say, this can't go on any longer. Write to your MP and tell it the way it is. Most of them are still far too high on whatever they're on to give a damn about the CF!!!!!!

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