in reply to matt's "fuck the reserves"

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Posted by ghost (master) from gauteng gauteng south africa on May 12, 2021 at 06:35:49:

hey guys dont worry about this matt character i see what he is doing from the outside i have come across his kind before.they(matts kind) love attention they adore it so what he does is manipulate your emotions by attacking the reserves or the airborne or anything that people will get touchy about and then he just sits back and soaks it up laughing his ass off at the at the storm that he creates occasionally adding fuel to the fire when things start dying down and you are all falling into his trap ignoring him wont help cause he will just change his handle and catch you that way the way to deal with this type is to corner him with facts and use a passive type of attack(sounds strange i know)where you absorb his snares and attacks and use them to stump him but you gotta be sharp and quick for this to work but when it works it works beautifully they generally run away with tail tucked firmally between their legs

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