Calluses of Steel

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Posted by a medic (for light inf) from Edmonton Canada on May 05, 2021 at 22:24:21:

In Reply to: Needed: Help from "Foot" soldiers posted by Slogger on May 05, 2021 at 19:54:50:

There has never been any agreement among the "experts". Everyone will give you different advice and you will have to take what you want to try. Here's my take, I hope it helps. I've fixed alot of feet, and there seems some who just don't get blisters very easily. I'm one. It doesn't matter what I wear or do. I'm lucky. Others are just as lucky, others (maybe you?) can only minimize the damage it seems. 1. Build up SLOWLY. You need to build calluses. Getting lots of blisters along the way will not help. Set a fast walk, never running when carrying a load. Increase milage as feet tolerate. 2. After, soak feet in water with about 1part hydrogen peroxide in 10 parts water for 20 min followed by an evening of bare feet/sandals. This allows the feet to dry and callouses/ hot spots to harden. 3. Footwear and socks are important, but the only general consensus, and I agree, is jungle boots suck, combat boots are average, desert boots are almost always good, civvie footwear is best. All army boots must be broken in and fit well. (OK, rare I know) If you want to try a new pair of civvie shoes, bring an old pair of sneakers to a running pro shop like The Running Room. They assess your gait and style of walking/running and give you a selection to choose from for your needs. The tread on the old pair helps them do this as well as watching you. Good luck.

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