WW2 - unit name abbreviations

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Posted by Allan Montgomery from Melfort SK Canada on April 29, 2021 at 05:58:27:

I hate to burden you but I'm having trouble making sense of my father in law's WW2 military record. It is full of abbreviations and some were easy to figure out but the following have me stumped. They are units he was transferred to and from. He was a gunner with light anti aircraft regiments.

I figured out the following.

1st LAA - 1st Light Anti Aircraft
3rd LAA - 3rd Light Anti Aircraft
3 CDN LAA Regt RCA - 3rd Canadian Light Anti Aircraft Reg't Reg't Canadian Artillery.

But the following got me stumped.

A3 C.A.T.C.
1 C.G.R.U.
X4 List RCA (C)
2 Cdn A/Tk Regt RCA

If you have any idea what these abbreviations mean I'd sure be grateful.

--- Allan Montgomery

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