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Posted by Boyd from Canada on April 25, 2021 at 05:50:30:

In Reply to: the Army is whitetrash posted by peacenik on April 23, 2021 at 18:20:47:

Disband the Army? Great idea. When we completely disarm and those
who would oppress other arrive in Canada, greasy little hippies like you
will be among the first they put up against the wall...You see, there are
many groups in this world who don't think that your opinions really matter.
They won't however, argue with you about them. They'll just kill you.

The RCMP isn't equipped to deal with things like UN peacekeeping
missions. Or would you have us simply wring our hands during things
like ethnic cleansing? I assure you, if we had dropped the RCMP between
the Greeks and Turks in Cyprus, the casualties would have been horrible.
Beyond that, since the RCMP is short 600 members in BC alone already,
where would these mythical Queen's Cowboys come from? Or are you
going to take over policing duties in your neighbourhood while the RCMP
goes on UN missions.

I also question your courage. It must be rather easy to spout these
views from the safety of your armchair. If you tried saying this to the face
of a soldier, I wonder if you'd have a pair large enough. Any moron can
recycle tired and inaccurate stereotypes from the 60's, but can you
come up with specific complaints about the CAF(Not individuals, not
that they have no responsibility, but you can't judge a outfit by the
actions of one person.)?

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