Use EH-101 as example

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Posted by Matt Fisher from Canada on April 12, 2021 at 20:31:54:

In Reply to: Re: humvee posted by Soldier Grrrl on April 11, 2021 at 20:29:13:

For those who shudder to think of any future "white elephant"/lemons that the CF is purchasing, get the information flowing to your MP letting him/her know the negative effects of such a stupid equipment acquistion is. Emphasize the cost to the Canadian taxpayer, and suggest effective alternatives.

Remember how the EH-101 was killed, and the thought of nuclear subs during the late 80's? Primarily due to negative media attention and the public reaction to such media controlled information.

While the media is no darling of the CF's, their love for negative publicity on the forces can actually be used to work in favor of the forces. If you put together some info on the upcoming LUVW project and Western Star's lemon, as well as more effective, more long-term cost effective alternatives, provide the info to CBC/CTV whoever get a copy of it. Do it anonomously if you don't want any heat on yourself. Maybe they'll throw it in the recycle bin...maybe they'll give it a second look. It's worth a try.

Good luck!

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