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Posted by D.J.Kernaghan from Belleville ON Canada on April 09, 2021 at 19:01:16:

In Reply to: Reserves 2000 posted by Art Johnsom on March 31, 2021 at 12:19:42:

Thanks to Art Johnsom for the web address to MPs. Thank God we have such
a dedicated group as Reserves 2000 interested in the defence of Canada. My
hat is off to our serving reservists and the job they do, but they are much too
busy fighting today for the hill ahead to be able to plan the river crossing on the
other side tomorrow, and much too dedicated to want to risk appearing disloyal.
Defence of this country is much too important to leave to the generals (put on
the run by DND bureaucrats and politicians ever since the Somailia Affair).
I served nearly 39 yrs in the reserves (retired in 1992) and have trouble with
my eyes... I see too much! I began in the RCAF when they were trying to
eliminate their reserve squadrons.; eventually it was the army that saved the
reserve air force as the regs were too preoccupied with interception to do any
ground support work. The regular army had to work weekends if they wanted
air transport support but from this evolved the reserves helicopter sqns. Now
today the Air Force seeks and values the advice of their honorary colonels, but
the army seems to view theirs as a bunch of meddling old fools, despite the
fact that many of them are multimillionaires heading suucessful businesses,
some employing more personnel than we have soildiers.
A year ago the Structure Working Group (HCol Jobin, Voltigeurs; HLCol
Ludlow, Cameron Hghlndrs; HLCol McKelvey, 3 Fd Regt and past HCol
Willcocks, Hast&PER;) was arbitrarily presented the Army Commander's plan
for the militia... 51 infantry bn were to be reduced to 20, 17 armoured to 10,
20 arty to 10, 12 engr to 8 and 19 svc bns to 14, with a vague promise of
increased funding. I've seen it all before in the late 50's to mid 60's...
1) cull out the "weak sister" units
2) combine what's left into "bigger and better" units, then
3) slowly cut their funding until the bigger units again become smaller units,
with a new crop of weak sisters. \
It's time for this systematic abuse to end. Reserves 2000 is the only
organization in Canada to present a viable yet affordable defence forces plan
with a coherent mobilization scheme. They and our reserve units deserve our
support. Send an email today to the PM, MND and your MP or if you wish to
write (postage is free) send it to: House of Commons, Ottawa, On, K1A 0A6.

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