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Posted by M. Lavigne (maj) from Hull Qc Canada on April 03, 2021 at 21:31:52:

In Reply to: Reserves 2000 posted by Art Johnsom on March 31, 2021 at 12:19:42:

First, let me state that I am a member of the Reserve Force, and have been since 1982. I have spent some time in the ranks before becoming an officer. I have been on class A, B, and C service and served overseas. I am not directly or indirectly involved in the Land Force Reserve Restrucutre (LFRR) process - but I am a very keen observer because I can claim to have a stake in the outcome. Now, I do not claim to know all the answers to the problems of the Army; however, I do think that I can comment on my concerns over what I consider interference by people that are no longer members of the CF.

I could spend many megabites of space explaining where Reserve Restructure has been, what is the history of the restructure, and were many of our training dollars are going while we wait for the politicians to make up there mind amid all the conflicting reports they get from Reserve 2000, the council of Honouraries, and all others that claim to have a "stake" in this restructure !

I strongly believe that the actions of Reserve 2000 are detrimental to the restructure and long term welfare of the reserves. We must move forward, we can not continue to live on a structure that was created for the Second World War - times have changed.

Now before you return your comments, please read the documentation that is available throught the chain-of-command. Read the initial proposals of the 1994 Report on the Restructure of the Reserve, the proposals from LFRR. All these documents are in the public domain. You will discover the proposals are not what some in Reserve 2000 and others would have you believe (despite wide misconception - there is no proposal for a Latrine Battalion !!!) Yes - some units will loose out, but as an organisation - the Army - we should be much further ahead of where we are now ! The Reserve will not be any smaller as some claim, but better structured to have suffucient money for the training required. What is the purpose of having a paid celling of almost 20,000 (as we do now) but we only have about 13,000 ? The proposals from LFRR actually do not propose any major cuts to establisments - they propose a Restructure. Just think - if your unit gets a new role, then, as is proposed in LFRR, the training, the establisment and the resources can now be allocated for the unit to train to new roles. And this is ALREADY happening in some Areas - someone out there now has a MISSION, TRAINING MONEY and RESOURCES to achieve their aim - is that not what we want ???

At this time, the mistrust generated by the Reserve 2000, and other outside groups are, in my opinion the most threatening aspects of the Restructure (again few that are still serving members of the CF - I know of Honouraries that are at odds with COs that support the changes) . We need to move forward, designated new units, reduce those that are not viable, and then allocate money and resources so that we can resume effective and constructive training. If we let the politicians and the people at Reserve 2000 make the final decision we will have a compromise that will please no one - therefore, nothing will be gained. Who will loose ? -you, me and all the members STILL serving !

Before you write to the Minister and PM, read the documentation - not the rhetoric. Ask someone in your unit to organize a briefing on what is being proposed with LFRR. Area and Bde commanders have the info, ask for it !!!

M. Lavigne, maj

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