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Posted by Shaking my head... from Canada on April 02, 2021 at 23:05:40:

In Reply to: Re: Sick Leave posted by Larry MacDonald on April 02, 2021 at 11:16:14:

I gotta agree with the original question asker, his was a pretty simple and innocent question that was answered in a way that too many questions of this type are...with a "if you're too lazy to find out then I'm not going to tell you..." kind of attitude that is used by many to keep others in their so called place.

This is an appropriate forum for such a question, much the same as having an informal chat in the lunch room with your peers and superiors. Here there are people from all trades and all ranks, perhaps someone has the answer or even a general place to look. All "Army Medic" had to do was state "Each situation is dealt with on it's own circumstances, the best place to get the answer in your case is with your MO" and the fellow would have been happy. Instead he took this as an opportunity to pontificate at length about how stupid the patient is as opposed to realizing that at times information like this is hard to come by unless you are given a place to start looking. Army Medic deals...actually with that attitude I hope it is dealt...with these types of issues on a daily basis. With any luck this will be the only time a soldier has to undergo surgery.

Unfortunately the attitude shown by "Army Medic" is rather common in the Medical Branch and it is for this reason that many pers are hesitant about taking what they are told by CF medical personnel for granted and the reason that they try to do their own research and get 2nd opinions from civilian practitioners at their own expense.

"A soldier", I'd suggest a place to start would be the new CF Member Health Information Line at 1-877-633-3368 (1-877-MED-DENT).

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