Re: Must one be a top athlete to make it?...Not from what I've seen

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Posted by Jim (CSM) from Cornwall ON Canada on March 29, 2021 at 22:09:41:

In Reply to: Re: Must one be a top athlete to make it?...Not from what I've seen posted by Not a tubby... on March 29, 2021 at 21:00:37:

Actually, Reservists on full time service for periods over 180 days must complete fitness evaluations as a condition of employment. In the majority of cases time for PFT is included in the Reservists' work day, and the member is covered for pension purposes while doing PFT. (My unit, for example, allocates 1 hour 15 minutes per weekday for PT for all full-time members, Regular or Reserve.) If you fail, the consequences are the same as for Regular Force members.

Reservists not on full time service are encouraged to do PT on thier own, and, in my opinion, would be foolish if they didn't. They must always remember that they have no health, pension or insurance coverage while doing self guided PT, so if they get hurt they're on thier own. This is a major de-motivator to the soldier/worker who gets injured doing PFT on his own time and cannot work at his civvie job. So there's a double-whammy for getting injured while trying to maintain his fitness.

Currently there is no set fitness evaluation for part time reservists, due mostly to the fact that they are not covered while they do PFT. Unfortunately for them, that's a problem that has to be addressed at a very high level due to the implications of imposing a standard on a segment of the CF a without giving it's members the opportunity to train up to that standard.

As i said in an earlier post, the curent standards are atttainable by anyone who is reasonably fit and motivated. Whether the standard is sufficient is another issue.

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