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Posted by Gunner from Canada on March 09, 2021 at 00:58:29:

In the interest of stirring up a lively debate (using
the bulletin board, vice email...novel concept!) I am
providing the following for your comment.

Has anyone seen the new version of "Dispatches". It takes
a look at "The NCO" and his/her future, based on a
working group (WG) held last Apr 99. I recently flipped through
it and I'm going to grab a copy from work tomorrow,
however in the interium I forward the following
comments (Fire Away!):

It seems to me the that the book didn't answer the main
question that I would have had, that being, "What do we
want our future NCO to be", and "How will his role change
with the changing military environment".

Secondly, the way I read it they (the authors) were
focusing the NCO to become more of an officer (and
more toward the officer career profile), vice, the
traditional approach of an NCO being a senior soldier.
Is this a bad thing?

Secondly, I was perplexed (almost offended) by the remarks
that the combat arms sr NCOs should be deemed "Warriors"
and have a higher level of prestige and power over "CSS"
Sr NCOs. What do readers think of this? To me it smacks
of an us vs them mentality (reg vs res anyone).

Anyway plse provide some feedback. I find it interesting.

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