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Posted by Gunner from Canada on March 01, 2021 at 20:07:09:

In Reply to: Re: Federal Budget posted by Magoo on March 01, 2021 at 10:27:38:

I should have articulated why I thought the AD eqpt was a "white elephant". When
it was purchased, it was part of a larger reeqpt prgm proposed by the Tories in their
long awaited White Paper in 89. Instead of buying replacements for 113, AVGPs, we
tried to revitalize a combat function that we really never had (Bofors, Blowpipe,
notwithstanding). If we had used the funds for our core functions and then branched out
as funds became available, we (the army, navy and airforce) would be much better
off. I guess a similar story would be if the navy used the funding for the frigate prgm
to purchase, say, an aircraft carrier. When the funding dissappeared at the end of the
Cold War and reductions due to deficit fighting, they would be left with a capability that
they could not use and a lot of our obsolete destroyers....just my thoughts, really
DND could plan better.

I find the CF only recently starting to focus on a Strategic view. DLSP in Kingston
have been working to define the army of today, army of tomorrow and the army of
the future. Since it is not expected that their will be a WWIII in the foreseeable future
do we want to spend our scarce resources to try and prepare for it? Secondly, if our
strength is contributing Battle Groups to UN/NATO and perhaps coalition forces, shouldn't
we focus our attention towards it?? The military has long neglected facing reality by
thinking that we have to maintain all the capabilities of a modern army. The funding
is not there and the political will is not there. We should admit defeat and concentrate
on what we do well. Does this mean a peacekeeping force or constabulary? No, but it does
mean we have to recognize our weaknesses and concentrate on our strengths (well trained,
well lead and motivated soldiers). We live in some interesting times in our will be
interesting to see what happens in the next couple of years.

I didn't mean to ramble, but its an interesting topic.

Gunner sends......

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