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Posted by Gunner from Canada on February 18, 2021 at 22:31:50:

In Reply to: STRESS DISORDER posted by Don Pearson on February 18, 2021 at 02:34:57:


I agree that it has taken a long time for the government to finally provide medical
pensions for soldiers who suffer from PTSD. I strongly disagree with your remaining
comments as they are a huge disservice to all members of the CF who wear a uniform.
Answer this question - Do soldiers serving in UNPROFOR who develop PTSD deserve a larger
pension then sailors involved in picking up human remains after the SwissAir crash
last year? Different circumstances under terrible involving firefights,
the other a disaster.

You have to recognize that stress effects each and everyone one of us differently.
Belittleing the medical conditions of members of the CF that were "way behind the lines"
in the Gulf at Canada Dry 1 and 2 will not change the common military attitude for psychological
casaulties. LGen Dallaire, in the PTSD video "Witness the Evil" stated it best when he
said words to the effect of "I wish I had lost a leg....that would have been a physical
reminder to others". For all CF members, PTSD can effects them just as severely as
it has effected the good MWO.

The most important thing is help is now there at regional PTSD centres and the "system"
is trying to change. I think all CF members have to recognize that PTSD can happen
to the CO, the RSM, the crusty old CSM, or even to you. No one is immune (I heard
a quote the other day that around 10% of all members who have returned from
overseas deployment have some symptoms of PTSD...makes you wonder if we've only
seen the tip of the PTSD "iceberg".

Let's maintain our focus on improved benefits for all members of the military, not just
the ones that have stared down the barrel of an AK 47.

Gunner sends....

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