Re: RM vs. FFL?

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Posted by Intel from Canada on January 20, 2021 at 06:16:20:

In Reply to: Re: RM vs. FFL? posted by Magoo on January 10, 19100 at 12:47:07:

My buddy joined the FFL. I can't speak form
personal experience, but from all the letters he wrote me, this is the deal from what he has said.
No civilian clothing your first year. No leave either, unless you get a tour.
Pay is shit for the first 6 months. Then it becomes all right,
especially if you do a tour somewhere. But the life is mental to say the least.
Daily life includes marches that should end after 8 hours, but last 3 weeks.
Your CSM kicking you in the gut, to dress back 1 pace.
The cook punching your lights out if you don't like his wine, which is the common drink at dinner.
Many boring meticulous chicken shit chores to do back in Battalion lines.
Points for success: Always be scene in your shower gear, so that when
they come looking for bodies to do extra's, they go past you first.
Your buddies are going to be 50/50 east European, or African's etc.
You are expendable. You get the French laguage punished into your head.
Many many more stories from someone who is fitter than most,
and tougher than the rest. Yet he has stated that the life
if extremely difficult. Many desertions, suicides. Troops who
desert, to go somewhere like Bosnia to be a merc, then send
death threats back to their Platton WO. Ie: Your due for posting here soon.
I will be waiting for you comrade! It is a serious serious venture
to get into.
Your better off going back to the UK. Aim for the SBS
if you are that keen.
At least in Canada or the UK, you can be a soldier and have a life.
In the FFL, you are only a soldier. Think long and
hard if you do.
On a good point. If you do join, and survive,
you will most likely not regret it.
Be fit! Keep your head together. (At least they let
you write letters home.)
One ex-FFL is now working in AMD in R&D.;
So there is life after the FFL. It's up to you.
But be prepared for your worst fears about the place all coming true.

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