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Posted by Mark Bossi (M.A. Bossi, Esquire) from Toronto Ontario Canada on January 17, 2021 at 16:44:28:

In Reply to: DND Sponsorship posted by Mike Bobbitt on January 15, 19100 at 17:24:48:

This situation reminds me of that which a Regiment in Toronto found itself - have their website "hosted" by DND, but follow their rules ...
The solution was quite straightforward - the Old Comrades (veteran's) Association agreed to sponsor the "unofficial" home page (which, by the way, is definitely not a hotbed of sedition - quite the contrary - the unofficial website is a gem, and is updated more often than the official site ... hmmm ...).
Personally, I'm not certain that a "DND-sponsored" website would offer the same, honest feedback which this site receives - I hope the Army Inspector-General and CF Ombudsman take note!
P.S. I suppose the font could be a tad larger - not everybody is still or ever was in the Army, and thus some no longer have 20/20 vision.
Dileas Gu Brath

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