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Posted by Todd Harris (Captain) from Munster ON Canada on January 17, 2021 at 09:22:12:

In Reply to: DND Sponsorship posted by Mike Bobbitt on January 15, 19100 at 17:24:48:

I've been with this site since the beginning. I agree with the "apparent" generosity of DND. I contacted the above mentioned gentleman to convey my concerns as listed below:

"I heard about your request for information about Army related web sites and I'm quite curious to know why you have requested such detailed information? How can a civilian site be "...none compliant to DND policy Guideline..."? Where can I get a copy of this Guideline? Wouldn't your time and effort be better spent getting the DIN running properly and getting outside access up and running? I'm a member of the Army Reserves and yet the network is slow, E-Mail doesn't work most of the time, the Brigade doesn't have enough staff to run a LAN, yet alone a WAN, and I can't E-Mail outside of the DIN even though this is technically a fairly easy thing to set up. I think the Defence IS people should be sorting out the Defence network before they concern themselves with civilian sites.

My 2 cents worth."

He then contacted me via E-Mail to request my phone number so that we could talk about my site. I replied that I didn't have a site but was concerned. I provided my # and am waiting for a call.

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