Re: RM vs. FFL?

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Posted by Magoo (Mr.) from Montreal QC Canada on January 07, 19100 at 13:09:11:

In Reply to: RM vs. FFL? posted by Kristjan van Wissen on January 07, 19100 at 02:19:13:

This is a personal decision, so I can't tell you what
to do. I have had friends that wanted to join the FFL
as well. I think it's a dream for a lot of young men.
The adventure, the new identity, learning French,
disappearing for a few's all very romantic.
Usually the pull isn't as strong when the economy is
good. Sorry I can't be of much assistance, but I wanted
to discuss this topic. If there were two of me, I think
one would have flirted with the idea of joing the Legion.

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