Re: Here's your chance... my two cents.

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Posted by cdchipmunk from Canada on December 05, 2021 at 22:14:48:

In Reply to: Here's your chance. posted by Disillusioned on December 05, 2021 at 15:28:59:

Nav skills like respect come with time and the desire
to do the right thing. Many of your peers will suffer
from the "what goes around, comes around." You
are entering the offr corps at a time when everything said and done
are questioned and questioning is OK. Your buddies and
you superiors know what is happening is wrong.

Your commanders are all there for different reasons and for some it is to
revisit their alma mater for others it is to make a difference.

Find peers, mentors and leaders now and in your future career, taht inspire you.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but recognizing them and working as a
team is most important. Those who draw attention and fire are those who stand-out.
It is not uncommon to be surprised that all members of the CF, Regular and Reserve
represent a cross-section of Cdn society, all ofit that is good and
unfortunately all of the bad as well. Time has a way
of dealing appropriate cards to each of us.

The experience difference between NCOs and offrs is never overcome
but a great bridge (bridgehead) is an open mind and an honest heart.
Learn from every mistake and don't repeat them and you will earn respect
one step, one patrol and one day at a time.

Cdchipmunk, 16 years and counting...

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