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Posted by cdchipmunk from Canada on December 04, 2021 at 10:33:28:

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls and of course
any of you in transition or transformation

Firstly, thanks for the moniker cdchipmunk, i'll keep it.

I take a little credit, but offrs have a habit
of taking all of the credit at least that is what
I am reading in the recent threads. The recent
exchanges in the War Diary remind me of a good fire fight or perhaps
a good bout of counter and counter-counter battery fire.
And isn't what this site/page is all about. The guns and keyboards had grown a little quiet
so I think a simple question about what we are all about is how this all started.

It matters not that what we say/type makes sense it is more important than ever
in today's purple CF that you speak/write with backbone and be heard.

Many of you are right, it also matters not who trains the troops but how they turn out.
Whether we/they be offrs or men, we/they are all volunteers serving our country and that
is something to be proud of. Whether it be 500 trained or one soldier who stands a little taller
or a high school/university student with better outlook
on life.

You should be proud of your opinions; fear not to state them, regardless of your
vocabulary level or typing ability. Am I kidding...If the combat boot fits wear it proudly.


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