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Not Rated

Lunch *

Rated 15 times, current rating is 2.77.

Comment from Roscoe: Shut up & eat it fatty!  And who eats out of a mess tin anyway........ trying to get your WO's?
Comment from Maxpower: Uh oh! you had better watch out, the informed call those mess 'tins' Cancer Pots!  Laced with lead they are.  You had better hide those in a dark dark place.
Comment from Anonymous: nobody  eats out of mess tins!  Loser
Comment from Mike Bobbitt: Maybe nobody eats out of them any more, but this pic was taken in '92, when that's what you were issued, and that's *all* you were issued!
Comment from jonathan: Hey roscoe shut up I like to see you jion. you fuckin piss ur self your probily fat on your ass eating pizza dissing these guys so shut the fuck up
Comment from Military Brat: Cake, vegetables and chicken in a sandwich? Sounds yummy! ;)


Rated 12 times, current rating is 4.72.
Comment from Anonymous: Nice shot of a C7.  How is it being held in place?
Comment from Anonymous: Hands? :)
Comment from Anonymous: What hands, all I see is a rifle in a tree.
Comment from Anonymous: It looks like there's a guy in the background. Above the right sholder.
Comment from Lebanese Canadian: 
Very cool picture.

Rated 3 times, current rating is 5.
Comment from CI Phlipster: Dear freaking god, Sgt why? Why would you post this...
Comment from sgt_mandal: HAHA nothing better to do
Comment from Jodie: our country kicks ass... more power to ya boyz n gurlz


Rated 34 times, current rating is 4.37.
Comment from Travis: I was in this photo shoot, just not this pic.  These guys are reservists from 38 Bde...all I recognize is the the guy in the centre is a sgt from the Fort Garry Horse, and the man on his left is a cpl from the Saskatchewan Dragoons.
Comment from Roscoe: Great shot..... Too bad it was taken in a ditch just out side Winnipeg!  They also make them return the uniforms after the pic was taken!  38 BGD still dosent have CADPAT!  And who the hell would be smiling if it was a real patrol? Come on you're stuck in a bug infested mud hole?  I hate staged photos!  Great skrim job on the helmet too..... Leave the soldiering to the real men and get back behind your desks!
Comment from Marco: I agree with roscoe!!!There just trying to show off!Go back to your desk and let the pro s do the work.
Comment from T. Shanks: Just doing some research and I thought the photo looked staged as well.  Sounds like some of the marketing decisions are being made by people who don't have their ears to the ground; just like most large organiziations.  Perhaps the higher-ups didn't want to remove any full-time soldiers from the field for a photo shoot.
Gotta say though, your (Roscoe and Marco) comments aren't too encouraging for someone who may be looking to join the Canadian Forces Reserves.  Are you suggesting that a guy looking to serve in the reserves shouldn't bother?  That the reservists may never do any real soldiering?  Any advice from real soldiers like yourselves would be appreciated.
I'm interested to hear your answers.
Comment from andrew: sweet pix
Comment from Al-X: Nice pic for a futur canadian JTF2 video game.
Comment from Sweet Cheeks: I would also have to agree with Roscoe.  I remember when this shoot was taken.  What a waste of time and $$!  Why is everyone smiling?   You are sitting in a creek with mud!  That's what I want to be doing on my Saturday!  It looks pretty staged to me.........
Comment from Superman: Is somthing wrong with my eyes.. cause I dont see anyone smiling..
Comment from Kim Shergold: Your in our thoughts . Great photo
Hi my name is Kim Shergold I live in Corbeil Ont. Canada. I decided awhile back that I wanted to do something for our Veterans, to show them that the Canadian Public and people across the world will never forget what they did to give us the freedom we enjoy today. 
From that came the idea of asking the public to send me their THANK YOU LETTERS to our Veterans, to be compiled into a book of war sketches, poems for our Veterans , photo's and information of a Veteran you personally know. Personal stories from our Veterans and their families, also war bride stories. 
I feel  with the above combination it can only bring a better understanding for our Veterans to know we will never forget them, and for us through their stories to understand why we can never forget the sacrifices they made for us. 
There are people who are rarely mentioned such as bandsman that brought some happiness even if for a short while. Nurses, Doctors, Medics, Journalist etc. I could go on for ever. 
I hope with this book it may bring old friends together again, and help children(now adults) looking for information on Fathers they maybe never had the chance to get to know because they gave the ultimate sacrifice-their life. 
For those who agree to help us on this journey I ask that you also send a letter giving us permission to use your article in our book. 
Please pass this onto your family,friends and schools. 
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You. 
Yours Truly 
Kim Shergold 
One Proud Canadian 
                                     Kim Shergold 
                                   Hwy. 17 East R.R.2 
                                   Corbeil Ont. Canada 
                                   POH - 1KO 
                Thank You For Our Freedom
First I would like to personally send you a HUGE THANK YOU for the freedom I enjoy today. I shudder to think what Canada would be like if it were not for our Veterans. 
I know we can never repay you for the sacrifices you have made for us and are still doing till this day. Words can never really say how I feel in my heart about our Veterans. 
On November 11th the tears of love and sorrow fall from Heaven above for those who have given their life and for those who still go through their own private hell.I can only hope as the years pass your pain lessens. 
Next time you feel a raindrop touch your cheek, remember it is someone saying Thank You for the sacrifices you made for complete strangers.As you know their will always be rain and with each sparkling tiny drop that hit's the earth brings beauty & love for our Veterans. Raindrops will never stop neither will the remembrance for our Veterans. You are etched in our hearts forever. 
By: Kim Shergold 
Proud to be a Canadian  
 thoughts always . Great photo


Rated 8 times, current rating is 5.
Comment from Nicholas: Looks like team work to me nice picture


Rated 10 times, current rating is 5.
Comment from Anonymous: I think that the picture is really awesome...and you can see the soldiers doing there work.....So yeah I think its great! 
Comment from shawna goodenough: this is an awsome picture i cant wait to join the army and get to do that kinda stuff
Comment from f.b.: hell on earth

Rated 12 times, current rating is 4.89.

Comment from s_baker: I want the females e-mail and telephone address.....8-)
Comment from Pte. Scarlino: telephone address?
Comment from RN PRN: The Medic is Cpl Schappert from 16 Field Amb.
Comment from Kim Shergold: This is a five star for sure . You are Canadas Best


Rated 5 times, current rating is 5.

Comment from the wood: Canada Kicks Ass!!!
Comment from Lexi: Amen to that, my friend
Comment from Anonymous: Who took the picture? It be nice to know? Wow


Rated 8 times, current rating is 4.86.
Comment from Anonymous: good 
Comment from PTE mckenzie: very good like the digital camo next time try to cover the rope its a DEAD give away


Rated 4 times, current rating is 4.24.
Comment from Kevin: This is a very cool looking picture. I just wish it was a bigger photo so that I could set it as my wallpaper without having it all warped.

Not Rated

Not Rated

Ambush *

Rated 6 times, current rating is 4.32.

Comment from Lexi: That's you man:P
And good to see you finally took my advice and joined. 
Comment from Anonymous: Anybody else notice the pasty white skin around the eyes and ears surrounded by green????

Rated 2 times, current rating is 3.

Para *

Rated 6 times, current rating is 4.65.
Comment from Anonymous: para is the shit put up some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from Anonymous: Great shoot!

Rated 1 time, current rating is 5.
Comment from pte. Mackay: Thats the shit right there!!

Rated 5 times, current rating is 4.

Comment from god: looks like a organized gagle

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Fire! *

Rated 1 time, current rating is 1.

Rated 9 times, current rating is 2.32.

Not Rated

Rated 3 times, current rating is 5.
Comment from Spr.Earl: Good photog Willy.
Every one note the splash's from the flying steel fragments,1,000 m. safety distance folks!!
Comment from Spr. WIlliamson: Thanks haha God Bless the Bunker.. Actually On That Demolition the Bunker Doors Busted Open From the Concussion Did it For That And Cratering It was a Rush Watching the Cratering Concussion Move
Comment from jonathan: I would hate to put that in my back yard. but it is still very impressive

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Rated 2 times, current rating is 4.
Comment from RHFC: I'm doing my BMQ next year its good to see canadians joining the forces
Comment from Maxpower: Don't forget to wear your revlective orange vests so you patrol leader doesn't lose you

Not Rated

Not Rated

Rated 2 times, current rating is 5.
Comment from Spr.Earl: Willy thats the best photo of a cratering charge going off I've ever seen in my 
Comment from Spr. WIlliamson: Im Glad I Could Make your day We used a Digital Camera On a Timer So It Took like 30 Pics And i Chose to Keep That one Once I get My other Ones Scanned Ill Post :)

Rated 1 time, current rating is 4.
Comment from Pte_Lajeunesse: I like it.

Rated 7 times, current rating is 5.

Comment from Anonymous: I am only 14 but when I'm 16 it's to the reserves for me

Not Rated

Rated 1 time, current rating is 3.
Comment from Anonymous: Nice cam job on everyone but the one sticking his head out of the hatch,I do believe that this soldier does not know how to properly camouflage himself

Rated 12 times, current rating is 2.89.
Comment from Roscoe: Now do I even have to comment on this pic?!?!  Must be a hard patrol! Because all the dummies in the photo are smiling!  Way to keep up the realism of training!  Lets have a break!  We've been working hard....  What ever! all I see is three dummies and two retarded monkeys!  Keep up the good work, your're mothers must be proud!
Comment from Pte. Scarlino: posing in the middle of a field for pictures during a patrol?
Comment from Pte. Anonymous: Ooooooh, a whole FIVE HOUR patrol! I'm suprised you guys made it out alive.....
I'm ashamed to admit it, but these guys are in my regiment, and were on what was probably the worst course ever run. For honour's sake I won't say which regiment. ;) 
Besides, they're only SQ monkeys, I bet all of you looked the same on your QL2. No one is a born soldier afterall.
Comment from proud soldier: Hey Anonymous, what, to chicken sh*t to say that to our our f*ckin' faces? Only able to to write a little comment and not even leave a name? GROW A F*CKIN SPINE!
Comment from Bloggins: Patrol eh? With rain gear. Now thats fucking tactical. Way to go to the instructors on that course. I agree - worst course ever run. 
Comment from Lexi: I only see 2 smiles.. the rest of them are like, WTF am I DOING out here?!
Comment from Roscoe: Ooooooo..... I'm scared!  A bunch of BMQ troops making threats....  I remember the last time I was this scared was when my patrol was staring down the barrel of and RPK in Yugoslavia! I'f you dont know what a RPK is they might have a pic in the weapons folder.  The caption for this photo should be I'm not only a member of the Phoney Brave i'm it's president!
Comment from whitefang2004: Hey guys, quit arguing ok? They're just a bunch of young bullet-monkeys
posing for a photo.

Not Rated

Rated 7 times, current rating is 4.56.
Comment from kelsey: i will sooon be one
Comment from IgoRmon: wait isnnt this the picture takend during the last drop of the canadian airborne when they were disbanded?

Rated 3 times, current rating is 3.33.
Comment from Anonymous: You are very pretty Chuck.
Comment from barney: I only rate it a 5 due to chucks extremely atractive looks (LOL)  Nice to see you again chuck

Rated 5 times, current rating is 3.59.
Comment from meni0n: Ran out of boot bands?
Comment from Anonymous: Camp Riply Minasotta?
Comment from Anonymous: During BMQ you learn that you can take off the boot bands and cover up the top part of your boots for cam purposes.
Comment from Anonymous: During our basic we were told to always have pants bloused. Oh well.
Comment from Anonymous: I meant that just on field ex's that you would do that. Not for on base or in the armouries.

Not Rated

Rated 2 times, current rating is 3.5.

Comment from Gunner78: Go Ack Ack!

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